Does your Nonprofit struggle with security concerns and a slow network?

We keep our clients free from technical issues and safe from cyber threats.
Let us worry about your network so you stay focused on your business initiatives.

Help desk support at a fixed monthly cost.

Administration & Management of your cloud infrastructure.

Administration & Management of your VoIP account.

We offer security protection for all your endpoints.


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Are these frustrations at your nonprofit?

IT Strategy

Does planning for technology initiatives, compliance
and cyber security seem out of reach for your nonprofit?
Does it feel like the only IT planning your nonprofit does
is after an “emergency;” everything is reactive? This is
where our unique partnership first approach could help

If your board asked today what your organization’s IT
roadmap looked like for the next 6 or 24 months, would
you start sweating? What if they asked about your
organization’s strategy around cybersecurity? Not a
concern with us in your corner

Data Management

What files/data should you keep, where should you keep it and for how long are important decisions and can
quickly become overwhelming. Let us help you define a data management strategy and protect
sensitive organizational and donor data from cybercriminals.

Support delays

Nonprofits often work with managed IT providers that support almost every industry. This means that their staff might have to troubleshoot an issue at a law firm or local government entity, before working with your nonprofit. Specializing in support of nonprofits makes us experts on the technology used, frequent issues and unique nonprofit challenges; our nonprofit focus allows us to more quickly understand nonprofit technical issues and fix them.

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