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20+ years of IT consulting experience providing enterprise-grade solutions to small and midsize businesses 

No Quarter Consulting’s focus is providing industry-leading solutions for small to medium businesses and nonprofit organizations. We are laser-focused on businesses and understand their unique challenges. We continually vet solutions and our offering to ensure our partners are ahead of the technology curve. We take immense pride in knowing that our clients are utilizing the best in breed technology and have access to multiple technical resources to help drive technological innovation and operational efficiency. You will rest easy knowing that your network and computers are secure and always available; this allows you to focus on what makes your organization successful.


Support Desk

Our customers have the option of business hours or 24/7 support. Don’t pay for 24/7 support, if you don’t need it. We monitor all servers 24/7 so if an issue arises in the middle of the night, we will work to have it resolved before your work starts in the morning. When calling our support desk, you will speak to an Engineer immediately available to troubleshoot your issue; no waiting for someone to call you back.

Onsite Support

With the increasing remote work force the need for onsite support is reduced. You can rest assured; we still provide onsite services when needed. We can be onsite within 4 hours, inside our service area, as well as provide onsite support anywhere in the US.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Every minute your business is down you are losing money. Our unified disaster recovery and backup solution provide both onsite and offsite storage of your server images. This allows us to spin up your server locally for hardware failures or in the cloud if your server room has a catastrophic failure. We provide unlimited cloud backup storage with 2 retentions options: 1-year retention and infinite retention.


Cloud Services

No Quarter Consulting is a Microsoft partner and stands behind Microsoft 365 solutions because it is the best cloud solution available, used by Government, Enterprise as well as SMB. We also can provide cloud server hosting with Microsoft Azure or our Data Center partners.


We provide top tier anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-spam solutions as well as the ability to isolate a workstation or server quickly should ransomware get installed on that system. Our backup solution will detect ransomware and lock the last know good backup for restore; this ensures that no matter what was introduced into your IT environment, we will have a backup available to get you back up. Our DNS solution will prevent the ransomware from pulling its encryption code from the internet, effectively stopping the encryption of that system.


For customers that need regulatory audits, we have 3rd party partners that will scan and audit your network and provide detailed reports for compliance. We then work with you to improve your organization’s cybersecurity risk posture and map to needed compliance or regulatory concerns.

Zero Trust as a Service

National Security Agency (NSA), Microsoft, and No Quarter Consulting advocate for a Zero Trust cybersecurity strategic approach….Why?

What is Zero Trust?
A cyber intruder may already be on the network, so local devices and connections should never be trusted implicitly and verification is ALWAYS necessary.

Under a Zero Trust architecture, the compromised device or app would not be able to communicate with the threat actor because it would not be trusted by default.

What happens when organizations don’t adopt a Zero Trust strategy?

Microsoft President Brad Smith advocated for the zero-trust model in his U.S. Senate testimony regarding the SolarWinds cyberattack:

“Basic cyber hygiene and security best practices were not in place with the regularity and discipline we would expect of federal customers with the agencies’ security profiles. In most cases, multi-factor authentication, least privileged access, and the other requirements to establish a “zero trust” environment were not in place. Our experience and data strongly suggest that had these steps been in place…”

Our mission is to deliver Enterprise-grade IT Solutions to small and medium-sized organizations and for that reason, we now offer ZTaaS, Zero Trust as a Service. If your organization has not started working towards a Zero Trust security posture, reach out to us today.

In a world where customer service seems to be disappearing at a rapid pace, No Quarter Consulting was extremely knowledgeable, efficient and fast. It’s hard to find a company that you can trust and depend on. No Quarter Consulting has won my business and trust!

Pastor Rodney

Pastor , Lazarus Church

No Quarter Consulting is a fantastic partner to have. Not only did they quickly respond to my IT challenges, but they took the time to ensure that I had a successful IT security roadmap in place. You can rest assured knowing that Barclay and Jason are there when you need them. It’s great to have the opportunity to work with a company that genially cares about my success. Thank you.

Donnie Calderone

Web Designer /Founder, D2Strategies Group

Rest Assured, You or Your Company are Covered

Bad actors increase their attacks on both Small and Mid-Sized businesses as well as Enterprises. In fact they target your small business more than larger ones, because they often do not have the same resources to protect the network. No Quarter Consulting creates custom solutions to mitigate the risks to your business with viable solutions. We protect your assets by ensuring patches and firmware is up to date. Our toolset will actively block Malware, Ransomware, and phishing, which can save your company from attacks. With the increasing trend of remote work, we secure your data over the internet with VPNs and other encryption technologies.

Why Choose Us

No Quarter Consulting was founded by Barclay Olson, a 20+ year engineer who has worked in the small business and nonprofit space his entire career. He has designed, built, and managed on-premise and remote HIPAA compliant data centers. He has worked on contracts with the CDC and other large enterprises and takes that knowledge and experience to provide clients with industry best practices. Enterprise-grade solutions and support can be achieved for small to medium business clients by partnering with No Quarter Consulting.

We only hire customer-focused staff to ensure your company’s needs are met and you can continue to grow your business.


Small business-focused


Mandated multi-factor authentication on all No Quarter systems to protect customers’ networks


Security and Privacy focused


24/7 Support available but not mandated


Multifaceted ransomware prevention


24/7 server monitoring and issue resolution


Nationwide reach


Easy to use email encryption


Antivirus and malware


Disaster recovery and backups (no monthly calls asking for more money)


A long history of SMB support


NQC’s mission is to bring enterprise IT solutions to the small and mid-sized business community.


To partner with small to medium sized organizations and give them enterprise quality solutions and support, without the need for an enterprise sized IT budget.



We believe that the key to success is determination and striving for continuous improvement. Continuous improvement can only be achieved when ego is checked and ideas are judged on merit, rather than hierarchy or profit. We are not dissuaded by tough conversations or decisions, we use these as a crucible to create the best solution or idea available. To continue to be the preeminent IT support partner in the area, today’s best effort won’t be good enough for tomorrow; we’ll continue to strive for better.

Disaster Recovery

How much money does your company lose every hour your computers are down?  No Quarter Consulting uses a highly respected Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution to keep your business running even if your servers are offline. Our monthly BDR pricing is NOT by storage size, so no surprise backup storage increases.

Data Analytics

Everything that has a bit of intelligence from cars and motorcycles to manufacturing equipment to web apps like Salesforce creates data. Using Splunk we can take that data and create usable and understandable reports, dashboards, and alerts on your systems.

We work with you to create custom tools specific to your business needs. To help you better understand, your business and its needs. 

Are you ready to end your Technology Frustrastrations?

Please contact us via email or phone to discuss your company’s needs. No Quarter Consulting is here to provide your company with solutions and the support you need with scalable, easy to understand support plans. We thank you for your interest in No Quarter Consulting services.

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